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The Roaring Lion 

The Roaring Lion is a small T-Shirt company owned and operated by a family who believes in the gospel. Our goal is to change the world one shirt at a time, by showing the light of Christ in us. I believe these shirt can change the prospective of how people view life and show them how good God is. We live in a time of a fast pace culture where everyone wants to fit in with the fashion and the newest trend of the crowd. They all want to be followers of this lost world. Maybe they need to see the light of the true life they were meant to live. Maybe just seeing someone wear a T-shirt that screams Christ can open the veil of their eyes. Why not standout and stand for what we believe in and who we believe in, Christ. When you purchase a T-shirt from us, you are standing up for the truth of Word of God. You are saying!'' I don't want to fit in, I want to standout, I wanna scream from the mountain top that Jesus is Lord''. Help us change the world one Shirt at a time and spread Jesus in everything we do and wear. 
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